Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repairs

What Gives Trenchless Pipe Repair an Advantage?

One of the things that can make plumbing repair so difficult is that many of the pipes and sewer lines are buried deep beneath the surrounding soil. This makes it difficult to pinpoint problems, and repairs are often expensive and invasive since heavy machinery must be brought in to expose the piping. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way to deal with damaged and failing pipes that are buried underground? 

Technological advances in trenchless pipe repair have allowed many plumbing repairs to be done less invasively and with less digging. Trenchless pipe repair is a term that refers to several methods that are employed to replace and repair buried water and sewer lines. With trenchless pipe repairs, less digging is required, and there will be less destruction and mess to clean up. This makes pipe repairs less invasive and faster, with the repairs being very durable. Here is a quick article explaining the benefits of trenchless pipe repair. 

Less Invasive

With conventional pipe repair methods, the first thing that has to happen is lots of excavation. There will be new trenches dug across the lawn and landscaping. Sometimes floors, driveways, and retaining walls need to be jackhammered out of the way so pipes can be accessed and new trenches dug. 

Trenchless pipe repair methods do away with the need for so much excavation. During trenchless pipe repairs, two access holes are dug, or existing access points are used to reach the pipe. A cable is then passed through the lines underground. Once the cable is run through the pipes, the cable can slip-line the pipe by pulling in a new liner as the cable is pulled through the lines. Other methods can use epoxy pipe lining to spread a sealant inside damaged pipes to make them water-tight again. One of the best features of trenchless pipe repairs is that it keeps the property intact. Instead of damaging the home or landscape, they can remain undisturbed. 


fasterA secondary benefit of using less invasive methods and having to dig and excavate less is that the repairs proceed faster. The bigger the job, the more true this assertion is. Instead of digging a trench and then leveling and bedding a new pipe, the old pipe can be relined in much less time. 

In many cases of trenchless pipe repairs, the sewer line is the pipe being repaired. Being able to fix these lines so quickly with existing access points that require no digging restores much-needed sewer service to the home or business quickly. Additionally, cleanup will be much quicker without excavation.  


pipes A major concern when it comes to any kind of repair is the durability and longevity of the fix. No one wants to go through the process of scheduling and dealing with repairs only to discover that the method wasn’t durable enough and would have to be done again in a few years. 

One of the biggest selling points of trenchless pipe repairs is their durability. Using the latest plastics and epoxies, trenchless pipe repairs are expected to last as long as the existing pipe and be just as reliable. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their line is as good as new. 

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