How to Get Rid of Spooky Banging Sounds in the Walls

What’s That Banging Noise From Behind the Walls?

Nobody wants to hear scary sounds coming from behind the walls, especially when it’s caused by plumbing issues. A water hammer results from a high-pressure shockwave that can wreak havoc on the pipes and can be noticed by loud sounds from the piping. Water hammers must be fixed as soon as possible to avoid noisy pipes and the terrifying plumbing problems they can cause.

What Causes Water Hammers?

A water hammer can occur when water in the piping must stop or change direction quickly. It can happen when a valve suddenly closes, and a shockwave from the pressure spreads in the piping. This pressure wave and vibration cause loud noises from the pipes, often described as a bang or rattling noise. 

Several issues can cause these noisy water pipes, including worn or damaged stop valves, loose or unsecured lines, clogged air chambers, high water pressure, and fast-acting valves. Regardless of the cause, a water hammer needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Ignoring the issue can cause significant damage to the plumbing system. 

Water Hammer Risks

water hammer Because of the extreme pressure buildup and vibration of the pipes, water hammers can cause problems for the pipe joints and connections, causing the line to leak or rupture eventually. A leak or burst pipe is not just expensive because of increased water costs. It can also cause costly water damage to a home.

Water damage is not always apparent. Some signs of leaks in the walls include mold and mildew, musty smells, discoloration or water stains, peeling paint or wallpaper, and high water bills. When homeowners notice noisy pipes in their homes, they should call a plumber to make necessary repairs before these costly problems occur. 

Fixing Water Hammers

water hammer service There are several methods that plumbers can use to alleviate this issue and ensure the smooth and quiet functioning of a plumbing system. One solution is to install water hammer arrestors. These devices act as shock absorbers, absorbing the sudden increase in pressure when water flow is stopped or diverted. They are typically installed near fixtures or appliances that commonly cause water hammers.

Another method is to install pressure-regulating valves. These valves help control the water pressure within the pipes and prevent it from spiking too high, which can lead to water hammers. Plumbers may also recommend installing air chambers, which act as cushions for the moving water, reducing the chance of a sudden increase in pressure. Air chambers may also already be installed but are filled with water and need to be drained. 

In some cases, water hammer arrestors or pressure regulating valves may already be installed in a plumbing system, but they may need to be replaced if worn out or damaged. Plumbers can also inspect the pipes and better secure them if they are loose, which may be causing them to vibrate more than they should. Fixing these issues can greatly reduce the occurrence of water hammers and improve the overall functioning of the plumbing system.

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