Sump Pump Services in Umatilla, FL & Lake County

Protect your house from flooding during the next major storm by installing a sump pump. Call us at 352-800-8426 for sump pump repairs and installations in Umatilla, Summerfield, Mt. Plymouth, and throughout Lake and Marion counties.

Don’t risk a flood in your house during the next major storm. Keep the water out of your home by ensuring you have a functioning sump pump. These units are vital to keeping your house dry – and free of mildew – by pumping water away from your property. Call Rocket Rooter Plumbing to schedule repair, maintenance, and installation appointments in Umatilla, FL. We offer same-day services to Lake County and the surrounding areas.

If you have a slab leak, schedule repairs quickly by calling us. We proudly serve Lake County!

Why You Need a Sump Pump

Does a sump pump seem like a unit you don’t really need at your house in sunny Central Florida? Think again. These units can protect your house from flooding during heavy storms. If water enters your home it can leave you with costly repairs – including needing new flooring, drywall, and even electrical systems. Plus, it can lead to the growth of mold or mildew, which can put your family’s health at risk. Instead, call our technicians at Rocket Rooter Plumbing for maintenance, repairs, and installations in Umatilla.