How to Detect Problems With a Garbage Disposal

3 Signs of a Broken Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal makes life in the kitchen so much easier. Grinding up and getting rid of food waste and keeping the kitchen drain flowing is essential for a well-run kitchen and plumbing system. If a homeowner notices any of the signs below, their garbage disposal likely needs repair or replacement

Humming or Other Unusual Sounds

noisesWhile garbage disposals are particularly noisy machines when running, some noises should not come from any garbage disposal. When it starts making unusual noises, there are likely issues with the unit beyond just the sound itself. Some examples of noises that can signal problems with the garbage disposal are: 

  • Humming: Humming sounds when the unit is not moving can mean a jam or something stuck in the blades. It will likely need to be cleared, and then the machine reset before it will work again. 
  • Screeching: This is typically an indicator of a loose component or something metal caught in the blades.
  • Gurgling: A glugging or gurgling sound can indicate a clogged or partially clogged garbage disposal or pipe. 

Using the Reset Button Often 

If garbage disposals work correctly, food waste should be handled quickly, and the drain should flow normally.  If homeowners have garbage disposals that don’t work quickly anymore or they have to push the garbage disposal reset button regularly, they should have their units looked at by a professional.  Some of the reasons a garbage disposal may be malfunctioning are:

  • Age and wear and tear
  • Dull blades
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Misuse

Sometimes these problems can be repaired by a plumbing professional, but other times replacement may be necessary.  

Foul Odors

smellWhile some smell from the garbage disposal is not uncommon, severe and persistent smells should not be happening. Foul odors can usually be cleared with baking soda, lemon juice, or a cleaning tablet. However, if the odors persist, the garbage disposal may have an issue. 

The garbage disposal may not be grinding up food waste well enough, so there is a buildup or clog within the pipes under the sink, creating terrible smells. There also may be a clog in the garbage disposal or food stuck on the blades. Ice cubes can help dislodge food from the disposal, but professional attention will be needed if the smell continues.

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