Mom Deserves a Relaxing Spa Day at Home!

How to Turn the Bathroom Into a Luxurious Oasis 

A spa experience for Mother’s Day can be a wonderful way to show Mom how much she is appreciated, but creating a relaxing and tranquil spa atmosphere in the bathroom can help Mom feel at ease and have a spa day whenever she wants. This blog will share how to transform even the most ordinary bathroom into a relaxing paradise in the home. 

Upgrading the Showerhead 

shower headToday’s technology has taken showerheads to the next level. These days, they do more than dispense water; some also play music, have LED lights, and work alongside smartphone apps. Some showerheads even use less water, allowing homeowners to save money on water bills while showering. 

Here are a couple of popular upgrade ideas when replacing the old showerhead in the bathroom: 

  • Rain showerhead: Rain showerheads are what they sound like; they make showering feel like standing under a warm, soothing rain. They can also come with various features, allowing users to control the water’s temperature and pressure. 
  • Low-flow showerhead: This Mother’s Day, Mom can have her cake and eat it too. Not only can she enjoy a luxurious shower, but she can also save money. Per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), low-flow showerheads only dispense two gallons of water a minute or less––at least a half-gallon less per minute than other leading brands. 

Installing a Bathtub 

bathtubThere are some things to consider when getting a new bathtub, including the desired style and bathroom size. Many types of bathtubs are available, each with its unique characteristics. Freestanding tubs provide a luxurious and classic look, with various materials and finishes available. Alcove tubs are the most common style, often found in older homes and apartments. Corner tubs maximize space in a bathroom corner, while drop-in tubs provide a more integrated look. Whichever type is chosen, a quality bathtub can transform a bathroom into a calming oasis.

Bathtubs do more than offer unlimited relaxation; they also offer a slew of physical and mental health benefits, all of which moms can enjoy even after Mother’s Day ends. A warm bath can help improve circulation, relieve tension, and relax muscles, leading to better sleep and overall health. A hot bath can also help reduce inflammation and improve skin health.

New Aesthetic 

Another way to help create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom is changing the aesthetic. One way to do this is by replacing the sink, faucet, or other fixtures. Replacing these fixtures can dramatically improve the look of a bathroom and create a different feel. Choose from modern styles to add an air of luxury or classic designs for a timeless look. 

Additionally, consider adding accessories such as plants, art, a rug, new towel holders, toilet paper holders, etc., to add texture and color to the room. These accessories can tie the look together, transform the bathroom’s aesthetic, and make it so relaxing that no one will want to leave.

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