Detect a Leak Before More High Water Bills Pour In

Know the Signs and Methods to Find a Leak 

There’s no such thing as a minor water leak. Whether the leak’s the size of a bowling ball or a pinhole, water will get wasted, and money will get spent. Small leaks can even lead to extensive water damage. That’s why it’s in a homeowner’s best interest to detect a leak quickly so a plumber can immediately be called for leak repair. That way, they can mitigate the financial headaches.

Hidden Leaks Can Show Signs 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that about 10 percent of households have a leak that wastes at least 90 gallons of water daily. So, homeowners need to know the signs of water leakage. Some signs of leaks besides the obvious, like seeing the leak or puddles of water, include: 

  • Poor water pressure: If water is escaping the piping through a leak, low water pressure from the plumbing fixtures can occur. 
  • Mold growth: Mold thrives in dark, damp areas, which can be created when a water leak occurs. 
  • The sound of running water: If a homeowner hears the sound of running water or dripping when their home isn’t using any water currently, this indicates a hidden leak. 

Monitor the Water Bills From Month to Month 

billHomeowners can check their water bills via online portals, and monitoring how much is spent on water each month can help them find a leak. Here, they can gauge their monthly water consumption and see if their bills increase or decrease in a given period. 

If there is a sudden increase in water costs but no explanation for the increased water usage, this can signal that the home has a leak that’s wasting water. With a leak, homeowners could find themselves paying much more than usual, and without knowing how much they spend from month to month, they might not realize it.

Check the Water Meter 

water meterHomeowners can also use their home’s water meter to detect a hidden leak. The home’s water meter measures how much water passes through the plumbing system. It measures water usage in gallons or cubic feet, usually giving a digital readout. Many water meters have a leak indicator that can alert homeowners to a leak in their home, but even without one, water meters can still be used to identify a leak. Here’s how: 

  • Turn off all the fixtures and appliances in the home that use water
  • Write down the reading on the water meter 
  • Wait over an hour without anything using water
  • Revisit the water meter and check the reading again
  • If there is a higher reading when no water was used, there is likely a leak 

Once homeowners suspect a leak due to noticing high water bills, signs, or because of their water meter, they should contact a plumber for leak detection and repair right away to prevent more high water bills and water damage from occurring.  

About Rocket Rooter Plumbing 

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