Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Go Green and Save Water and Money! 

Since green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to discuss eco-friendly practices around the home. When homeowners aren’t mindful of the impacts of their homes on the environment, it can be easy to forget individual responsibility and go on thoughtlessly polluting. Instead, homeowners should make an effort to go green. Luckily, going green doesn’t have to be too expensive or hard. Here are some tips from plumbers to help homeowners conserve water and save on water bills by going green for St. Patrick’s Day.  

Install Eco-Friendly Plumbing Fixtures 

showerAn effective way to be more eco-friendly in a home is to install water-saving appliances and fixtures. These plumbing fixtures use less water than other models, which can add up to significant savings on water bills. Additionally, certain eco-friendly appliances like dishwashers and washing machines not only save water but energy too, which saves homeowners even more money on their utility bills. Some examples of water-efficient fixtures and appliances are: 

Together, these can drastically reduce water and energy bills and make the home much greener.

Change a Few Habits 

All new plumbing fixtures may not be within the budget, but luckily, homeowners can still take steps to save water. There are plenty of places where homeowners can make small changes that add up for savings. Homeowners can start saving water immediately by practicing the following habits: 

  • Turning off the tap when shaving or brushing teeth
  • Looking for leaks and getting them fixed immediately
  • Fixing running toilets as soon as they’re noticed
  • Keeping showers short
  • Waiting until there are full loads for the dishwasher or clothes washer

Watch What Gets Flushed 

toilet Flushing the wrong items down a toilet can lead to both a clog and wasted water. This is because items that aren’t meant to be flushed can get stuck in pipes or cause debris buildup, blocking water flow. As a result, toilets may not flush properly and require more than one flush to complete their job. Not only does this lead to inefficient water waste, but it can also cause costly backups and repairs.

When inorganic substances make it down the drain, they can also cause direct and profound damage while polluting the ocean. Flushing non-flushable items like hygiene products and wipes not only increases the risks of clogs and wreaks havoc on municipal sewer systems, but it also directly affects the health of the ocean and marine life. A better practice is to simply discard these items in the trash and only flush toilet paper. 

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