Septic Tank Inspection & Troubleshooting in Umatilla, FL & Lake County

Before you buy a home, make sure to have a professional inspect your septic tank. Call us at 352-800-8426 to schedule inspections and troubleshooting services in Umatilla, Summerfield, Tavares, FL, and throughout Lake and Marion counties.

Have you heard the saying “buyer beware?” You don’t want to be on the bad end of a real estate deal by buying a property with a malfunctioning septic tank – or one that has caused damage to your home or yard. To avoid this, it’s crucial to schedule a septic tank inspection with a professional before you buy a house. Call Rocket Rooter Plumbing to schedule services in Umatilla, FL. We only send trustworthy technicians to do the work!

Does your septic tank need repairs or maintenance? Call our experts for appointments in Lake County and the surrounding areas.

Septic Tank Inspections: Visual vs. Full

Before you purchase a house, our technicians recommend having the septic tank inspected to ensure there are no issues with it. When you call to schedule an appointment, you might be asked if want a visual or a full inspection.

As you might expect, a visual inspection is a lot less in-depth than a full inspection.

During a visual inspection, a professional will ask questions about the house and the system, look for standing water in the drain field, and flush the toilets.

A full inspection involves having an expert actually remove the cover, check the water level, make sure the water is flowing properly, pump the system, and check for backflow.